Paradoxon: Letters of the Dying Love (Paperback)

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“Paradoxon: Letters of the Dying Love” is the continued story of Rae. Bestowed with a guardianship and trained in the Paradox of the dying love, she and Karyn and David and Traice race back to the troubled city of Onze to begin a work of transformation. That is, if they can outpace the Magisterium’s veiled plans of destruction… (535 pages)

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“I realize now it’s not so much a matter of of courage.”

Rae lay gasping in the dark. The mad horse that had thrown her…how far had it taken Traice? And  Karyn and David…had they fared any better? Most important of all, could they still make it to Onze before the Magisterium reached their families?

"Paradoxon: Letters of the Dying Love" is the continued story of Rae, who was born in the stratified city of Onze. Bestowed with a guardianship and trained in the Paradox of the Dying Love, she and Karyn and David and Traice journey back to Onze to begin a work of transformation in their troubled city. That is, if they can outpace the Magisterium’s veiled plans...

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2 reviews for Paradoxon: Letters of the Dying Love (Paperback)

  1. Jared B

    I’ve read Letters of the Dying Love several times over and keep finding new gems to ponder. The action of this sequel crescendos up and up until you feel sorry for what these characters have to go through. But the reward is extremely satisfying, and I find myself wanting to live a life like theirs… This is one you definitely want to enjoy now and enlist friends so you’ve got someone to talk about it with. It’s that inspiring and rewarding.

  2. Valerie D

    Book 2 of the Paradoxon series is a captivating continuation of Book 1 that I would strongly recommend to anyone who enjoys CS Lewis style writing. I couldn’t put the book down until I was finished. It is a fascinating allegory that contains God-inspired wisdom. I was delighted by the many twists and turns and the revelation of a redeeming love. I hope to see more writings from Janice Buswell in the near future.

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