The Paradoxon Series

Invitation of the Dying Love

“Paradoxon: Invitation of the Dying Love” is the story of Rae, a girl born in the stratified city of Onze. A city ready to destroy itself. When she receives a cryptic invitation, Rae is united in a rocky companionship with four strangers. But only the mysterious paradox of a “dying love” can help them stay together and save the city they love. (417 pages)

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Letters of the Dying Love

“Paradoxon: Letters of the Dying Love” is the continued story of Rae. Bestowed with a guardianship and trained in the Paradox of the dying love, she and Karyn and David and Traice race back to the troubled city of Onze to begin a work of transformation. That is, if they can outpace the Magisterium’s veiled plans of destruction… (535 pages)

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Paradoxon Gift Bundle

Are you in the mood for adventure? Or maybe you have a friend who would love to journey through the world of Paradoxon? This holiday season you can buy gift bundles of the two-book set of the Paradoxon Series with complimentary bookmarks for just $35.00! For yourself. Or for a friend.    (417 + 541 pages)

Paradoxon: Invitation of the Dying Love

What Readers Are Saying…

- Charlene

“It was impossible for me to predict what would happen next in Paradoxon! The characters were so multidimensional that I wish I could meet each of them in person.”

- Christine

“I highly recommend this book! …a riveting, thought-provoking adventure… I could not put this book down!”

- Patricia

“I absolutely loved reading Paradoxon: Invitation of the Dying Love. The way the characters and story-line were woven together reminded me of single threads in a fine piece of tapestry… There were definite surprises throughout the journey, and I am eagerly anticipating Part 2 of this very well written piece of literary art.”

- Maggie

It was fantastic! Grabs you right off the bat, fast-paced, surprising twists and turns, well developed characters – like I said, a fantastic book! Can’t wait for the next in the series.

- Rod

“…Young and old alike will find this an interesting, no, enjoyable read. The young for the things they may learn of themselves – the old for the things they can share with the youth in their lives…”

- Trish

“I loved this book!!! Lots of plot twists and turns as five strangers on their own personal quests try to overcome their own particular struggles and work together to save the world they live in. Extremely well written, thought-provoking and very captivating. This is a very hard book to put down!!! It keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happens next. I am anxiously waiting for Part 2!!”

- Debbie

“When a book invites you into itself and you find yourself taking each step with every character and looking around every corner with them, it does what it is supposed to do. It hooks you. I’m ready for book two.”

- Jared

“…Often you have to back a century or more to find literature that illuminates human nature, because modern art either holds human nature too small, or hides its insights in too many other untruths. So old literature is great, but for readers today, Janice’s novel is real art, but it goes down like butter.”

- Jay

“It was a very engaging book! It was hard to stop after one chapter and not go on to another chapter, even when it was late at night…”

Some things are better shared…

Sometimes the journey is richer for those we bring along! If you have friends who would like join you on a journey through Paradoxon, Janice would be happy to introduce you to the world! She even has some guides for the journey. If you, your book club, or your study group are interested, send a carrier pigeon with your inquiry, and she’ll be sure to get in touch!

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