What is "paradoxon?"

The Latin form of “paradox”: a tenet or proposition contrary to received opinion, or seemingly absurd, yet true in fact.

First in the “Paradoxon” series

Paradoxon: Invitation of the Dying Love

by Janice Buswell 

“Are you sure this is the journey you want to take?”

Rae fled from the edge of the city. She was late. Already the rumble of the nightly riot had begun. But as she ran, she had no idea it would be for the last time…

Paradoxon: Invitation of the Dying Love” is the story of Rae who was born in the stratified city of Onze. Thrown into a rocky companionship with four perfect strangers united only by a common fear of the city’s growing conflicts and by a cryptic invitation promising answers, she discovers that only the mysterious paradox of a “dying love” can save the city they’ve always known. That is, if each one can find the strength to embrace it… and by it to embrace one another…”


Second in the “Paradoxon” series

Paradoxon: Letters of the Dying Love

by Janice Buswell 

“I realize now it’s not so much a matter of choice…as of courage.”

Rae lay gasping in the dark. The mad horse that had thrown her…how far had it taken Traice? And  Karyn and David…had they fared any better? Most important of all, could they still make it to Onze before the Magisterium reached their families?

“Paradoxon: Letters of the Dying Love” is the continued story of Rae, who was born in the stratified city of Onze. Bestowed with a guardianship and trained in the Paradox of the Dying Love, she and Karyn and David and Traice journey back to Onze to begin a work of transformation in their troubled city. That is, if they can outpace the Magisterium’s veiled plans…


What readers are saying…

“It was impossible for me to predict what would happen next in Paradoxon! The characters were so multidimensional that I wish I could meet each of them in person.”

- Charlene

“It was a very engaging book! It was hard to stop after one chapter and not go on to another chapter, even when it was late at night…”

- Jay

“…Young and old alike will find this an interesting, no, enjoyable read. The young for the things they may learn of themselves – the old for the things they can share with the youth in their lives…”

- Rod

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